Meet The Team

Bob Heuer

HNA Networks Director

Cook County, Illinois-based agri-food, nutrition and conservation policy & marketing strategist. Fluent in Spanish since the 1970s, I bring communications skills, cross-cultural understanding and community-organizing practices to the work of building a world with “good food for all.” Twenty-five years of Independent journalism was my springboard to consulting.

An expertise in sustainable-development-financial policy drives my approach to problem-solving for clients from the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Services draw on Heuer experiences:

Representing my public school district on the Illinois Local Food, Farms and Jobs Council clarified the opportunity to revitalize the economy’s grassroots foundation.
Consulting for Farm Credit Council–and the U.S.’ largest agricultural lender–clarified the opportunity for public-private partnerships to spark local food economy growth.

Learning about actionable Federal Reserve Bank recommendations clarified the opportunity to realign market forces around food-oriented community reinvestment

John Steven Bianucci

HNA Networks Partner

Cook County, Illinois-based value-chain innovator; co-founder, Earth’s New Ways LLC. I’ve had roles in transforming and growing businesses across various industries, focusing on creating socially and environmentally impactful solutions to drive success. My approach involves comprehensive market analysis to identify opportunities and value points that align with company goals.

John Steven brings to HNA the experience of participating in the launch of an industry – farmland as an asset actively managed to improve the health of people and planet.

A 10-year career at Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT meant being on the inside of a start-up fund manager pioneering in the organic and regenerative agriculture space. The valuation of social and environmental impact on land was just beginning.

As Iroquois Valley’s Director of Impact and Conservation, he created/managed partnerships executing five USDA grants totaling over $10 million.

He envisions public-private partnerships within impact investor networks as essential to the success of local and regional food systems.